Is VIPKID a real job?

“Is VIPKID a real job?”
“Can you really work from home and make money working for VIPKID?”
“How do you get hired at VIPKID?”
and so much more!

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I had the exact same questions before I started teaching for VIPKID and making $1,000 from home, working every day before my kids even get out of bed.  Below is a transcript of the above video, taken from a Facebook Live session, where I answer these questions and more:

If you’re thinking about joining me I’m talking about a company called VIPKID and we are getting ready to learn how you can become a part of this program.  So, VIPKID is a company that is basically a teaching company and you get to teach kids in China English.  How it works is the qualifications are you have to be able to work in the US or Canada and you need a bachelor’s degree in any field,  they just want you to have a degree and then they want you to have a year of some kind of teaching experience or equivalent of some kind of teaching or
mentoring or tutoring or some kind of alternative education experience (at least a year).  So, if you have those three things, a bachelor’s degree, eligible to work in the United States and Canada and a year of some
kind of teaching experience then you are eligible to apply for VIPKID and you will be considered.  If you get hired you will be hired as an independent contractor, so you’re working on your own and have to pay your own taxes.  Contracts are in six months terms unless you’re terminated for some reason.  Your start date after getting hired at VIPKID begins immediately after you are hired,  once you are hired.  You fill out a background check and you can start opening up your spots to get booked by students as a VIPKID Teacher.  Your location for teaching is your home, as you can see I am sitting in our toy room right now where I created a little corner office for me took a little space out of this room and created an office space, so I am in my home teaching for VIPKID.

Your hours – what hours they want you to teach?  VIPKID asks that you teach at least seven and a half hours a week or at least open those time slots for that many hours.  VIPKID classes are 25 minutes long with five minutes in between your before your next class, so, they ask that you open at least seven and a half hours worth of classes every week.  Right now I’m not even booked that much [UPDATE: at present time I’m booking every slot I open for VIPKID] so I’m not even quite working that much.  You also have to teach on your ,VIPKID students time zone, they are 13 hours ahead of us.  My hours are from 5 to 7 a.m. and then I work all
nights on Friday at least my those are when my slots are open.

As far as payment goes, you can make up to 22 dollars an hour at VIPKID, and that’s starting.  I think after
that you get pay raises.  Your pay is based on your education and your experience (whether or not you have experience working with English language learners).  So all of that so you can make up to 22 dollars an hour they say there’s a minimum payment for teachers that is 14 to 18 dollars an hour.

Who do you teach?  You teach kids ages 5 [Update: down to 4] to 12 for VIPKID.  So, I’ve had I’ve had all the age groups or ages that they will they will place you in and all the different classes that you’re eligible
to teach. So, if VIPKID thinks you’ll be better with younger kids then they open up those classes for you, if
they think you’ll be better with the older kids they open up those classes.  If they think you’ll do great with both
they open up all the classes for you so it just kind of depends on what they think you would be good at and then later on if they don’t immediately open you up, like if you wanted to do younger kids, and they only opened up
older kids for you you can request to do training to have those younger kids slots open up the interview process.

The process for me took a week from the time I submitted my application to VIPKID to the time I was hired and became a teacher with VIPKID.  It was about a week, my interview process was a little bit shorter and I’ll tell
you why here in a second.  Your first step is you click on this link to apply for VIPKID and you create an account with VIPKID – you will fill out an application.  The application for VIPKID takes about five minutes and then they will email you.  My email came within thirty minutes after applying for VIPKID – it basicallysaid, “hey we like what we see and we want to interview you.”  So, if they like what they see and that you have the education and some teaching experience, you know that kind of stuff then they’re gonna want to jump on an interview and they are interviewing right now and they are hiring teachers right now so if you are interested jump on it because now is the time to get hired at VIPKID and if they like your application they will request an interview like in a day or two you’ll get to pick your time slot.  They give you like three days to pick that time slot.  So, you’ll pick your time slot and during that initial interview, it’s thirty minutes long, you will interview with someone in China the first time and it’s as kind of a “get to know you” interview, then you will teach a ten-minute mini-lesson and it’s about ten slides long – it’s a PowerPoint.  So, you will teach about ten minutes to this person in China  – it’s a little awkward, but they are pretending to be a five-year-old so you are teaching an adult who is pretending to be a five-year-old but they do such a good job at it that it’s totally natural and kind of normal almost.  So, you do a ten-minute lesson and then the VIPKID interviewer takes up about ten minutes to go through what did well and what you could work on.  That’s your second stage and after that they give you if they if you pass or they will email you again so I think I got email very quickly within like 30 minutes again and they’re very quick like getting on things and so if you pass that then they ask you to do some teacher prep which is reading some information about their company and about this curriculum and then you got to take like a little like mini test and you know just read any other couple questions and then you sign up for your mock one so in your mock one you are going to be doing the same thing you’re going to be teaching to a teacher only this time it for me at least it was somebody in the United States it was a VIPKID teacher in the United States and you teach two lessons the first one is for younger kids and the second one is for older kids and once again the teacher like someone like me is pretending to be a five-year-old so like this lady put on her little Bo headband and grabbed her little stuffed animal and slightly 200ml and so she was pretending to be this five-year-old for the first lesson and you get like a couple minutes in between your two lessons so you have to kind of switch gears and go from teaching a five-year-old who knows no English to a ten-year-old who has some English speaking abilities where you have to speak more normal to them and for those of you who have just joined if you have questions or you miss something feel free to post them in the comment section and I will I will get to them so feel free to ask questions because I’m just rambling until somebody asked me something so that’s Mach 1 and they say not very many people pass Mach 1 and have to go onto Mach 2 so I mean I know there have been several teachers that have I passed Mach one so they didn’t you need to do a mock two but for Mach two and they pick a level so they decide okay hey they she did really well and the younger kids or she did really well with older kids so they’ll pick a level and then you’ll have to teach a 25-minute lesson on that level and then once you pass your mock interviews and when she passed your mock interviews I’ll send you an email saying hey you’re hired and then you go online and complete the stuff online good question contract so you’re just there just asking for six months of your time and you know they asked for seven and a half hours a week you know that’s that’s what they asked for right now I’m not even being booked that much I’m not being but seven and a half hours but I am getting in several bookings throughout the week and it slowly it slowly Rises kids just went back to school so I’m starting to get booked more and more do you need a special computer great question no you just need to have you need to have good internet that won’t it won’t disrupt in the middle of your lesson because that’s a big no-no and then you need a camera and you need a cheap headset that’s all I got I just bought like $15 headset from Walmart and then an orange shirt they want you to have an orange shirt I want sure it is not a requirement but they do like it so you can look like a construction worker with me and wear your orange and yeah so I just bought this from Walmart for like seven dollars in the men’s section so you can do that so when you are doing your interviews if you pass that application process and you start on your interviews you want one of the main things you want are props you need lots and lots of props I mean not lots and lots but several props so like you can have little animals that are props I just tossed a lion I apologize and your letters so you know you’re learning little there’s a learn curve on pointing and you’re learning the word the sound app so then you have map nap so magnetic letters are good thing this was a melissa luck set I got it for like $10 off of Amazon you can also buy their sets at Walmart for a couple dollars but they do not have a lower case so that’s why I went ahead and bought the Amazon set and one thing I do for my lessons are to make it super simple for me is I just print on cardstock and I salute to a stick and I have my prop right there and so super simple and then also puppets they like puppets so just props they want you also remember the orange shirt big props for the orange shirt not a requirement but definitely a good thing to have you need to use a lot of TP r TP r is total physical response basically that means you talk with your hands a lot so when you talk can you say app and then you point to your little ear thing and they will listen to you you know you say look they want you to talk with your hands a lot you know eat Genda pet take a bite of something jab play food take a bite of plate food so use use your hands because remember those five year olds don’t have any English speaking abilities and so they need to it needs to be a visual where they can see it and they want some kind of educational background and simple I just made a banner and printed it off on cardstock cut it out and stuck it on um whatever that string is I can’t remember what it’s all so super simple and I I clipped it’s the curtains behind me so they want that and also when you are teaching letter sounds this is something they will be looking for when you see a T he does not sound like tough it sounds so you need to have the phonetic alphabet down just make sure you don’t have the at the end of the at the end of the word because they’re gonna be saying yeah you know like they need you just it’s nap it’s not nap so that phonetic alphabet when if you correct your students your students are gonna make mistakes they always want you to correct them in a positive way and during that interview they are going to intentionally make mistakes and yet they’re going to be you want them to speak in complete sentences so if you say the boy napped and they say the boy nap instead of napped you have to correct them and correct you just in a positive way so I stain the boy napped and then yeah so never never see that gets down obviously that’s a given and they like high-fives they like thumbs up and they like lots of praise so when you do your interview make sure you have all those things because that’s that’s kind of what they’re looking for in you also with the with the younger kids especially they don’t want any incidental language so you can’t just talk like I’m talking now you have to see just have to say the words that are on the slide so if it’s like if you’re teaching a a add a they don’t want you to say an a sounds like aah they want you to say a ah because they don’t know what you’re saying it’s just gibberish to them so no incidental language they don’t you say you know and when you say so also when you ask them to read I say read please and then you can draw on the powerpoints and then I circle what I want them to read so I say read please but very little incidental language the older kids however you just kind of have to gauge where they’re at they are going to know more English so you can have somewhere that incidental language you just have to be able to gauge that and then just kind of follow along where they’re at um after you get tired you will you’ve thought your background check that’s the first thing you do they’re also going to ask for your bank account information so you have to make sure you have got in there you want to get paid and then you open up your booking spots so they will give you just there will be a tab that says bookings and go in and you’ll check the boxes that you want to work and then if you there’s also a little box beside the box like in the box a checks to like my 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. there’s four boxes clicked in there there’s four boxes click and so I click all of them and then inside those boxes is this little is a little another box and if you click that box that means you can be booked up to an hour before class you get actually $2 a class for that so I usually book them um what if I need to be gone on vacation and we’ll be gone for 3 to 4 days don’t open booking during that time you don’t have to tell them they appreciate it if you say you know hey these are my regular hours and say hey these are my regular hours but I’m gonna be gone these few days and if you have some regular students then let them know as well why you’ll be gone during those days see I just don’t open spots during those bookings during those days not a big deal since you’re an independent contractor there’s really I mean they can’t say you have to work you have to work so many hours a week because they can’t say that I’m an idea of the salary yeah and a minimum payment for United States teachers is 14 to 18 dollars an hour you can make up to 22 dollars an hour starting so if you had if you have your bachelor’s degree if you have a master’s degree you get paid more if you have teaching experience you get at least three years you get paid more if you have at least one then they’ll still hire you but if you have at least three years teaching experience they pay you more and if you have like experience working with English language learners then you get paid more so you are it’s all based on that and Michelle I can tell you from personal experience cuz I’ve worked where you were and you’ll get paid towards the top end of that of that salary range hope that helped so you open up bookings and then you start to get booked once you get books you will have a little tab that will say classroom tab and they’re your materials but will be listed in there and each class has each student each will have a PowerPoint and it’s based off of their levels so sorry I just lost my train of fun it’s based off of their levels so you’ll teach that PowerPoint and like I said it’s an interactive PowerPoint within the classroom so you can draw on it there’s also a reward system so they they want you to give all five stars during the during the lesson kids get earn prizes with their stars and so there’s not materials on them when it’s time for your class you can enter your classroom up to an hour before to make sure all your all your technology is working and but once you’re in that classroom it starts recording so you don’t have to open your camera but any audio will be on that recording so be careful what you say if you’re in the classroom really because it will be recording you um see what else and on top of the reward system they want you to have another reward system so um like this is a reward system I use little girls like princesses so every time they do well I give them a little princess to go in their scene they also give you these ideas of rewards that you can print off but we happen to have a lot of these little magnets here’s another one with silly faces that’s fun so they want you to reward the kids not all the kids like it and I’ve had a couple kids who could care less and I just eventually put the rewards down and just focus on the slides because they didn’t they didn’t care so I didn’t care either um payment you get paid on the sixth of every month takes a couple more days for transfers I think that’s all I have it’s all in my little notes so does anybody else have any questions you can write them in the comments did I miss anything want to make sure your dogs are outside because they probably hear them okay well so far my experience with VIPKID has been really good I’ve taught 18 classes I’ve had 18 different students but I have my first rebooking next week so I have a returning student which is good the other thing is that parents can rate you so you want 5 Apple reviews and I have three of them so far I have three five out reviews so that’s good and yeah I don’t really know what else so if nobody has any more questions then if you’re interested click on the link in the comments and that will take you to do where you can apply and please use that link cuz you know honestly I do get paid for referring people but that’s not why I’m doing this I’m doing this because nine years ago when I became a stay-at-home mom I wish I would have had some kind of at-home income to bring in just a little bit and to continue teaching while I stayed at home and that’s why I’m doing it is to help people because there’s it’s hard to find good stay-at-home jobs so use that link and click on it there and if you guys have any questions feel free to message me and I will be posting this video on my page so you can rewatch it if you want to yeah there’s also tons and tons of VIPKID videos out there on YouTube so you can go on there I watched quite a few before I interviewed just so I could have an idea of what I needed to do and that was really helpful some of them aren’t quite as good as others but you know they’re you get what you get so if you guys have any questions feel free to message me or comment on here and I’ll be checking it and good luck and let me know if you decide to join VIPKID because it really is a fun opportunity that you get to do from home you get experience other cultures I mean all these cool kids and some me were really tired I had one kid this morning fall asleep on me that was kind of hard she was five she was obviously been very tired but for the most part it’s been a really good experience so good luck thanks for watching