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VIPKID Teacher Apparel and Accessories

Our Mission

To produce wonderfully unique items that perfectly reflect what you love. 

Every day we are looking for beautiful apparel, t-shirts and clothing items.  We are dreaming of new designs and clever ways to say the things that make us who we are.  We design every single product you see, whether you are looking at our clothing lines or our wall art canvas prints.  Each one is designed specifically to reflect thing things that we love.  What do we love?  We love family, faith, and fun!  For us, nothing beats those three things.  

We hope you will fall in love with our entire line of apparel and home decor products.  We especially have fun designing all of our VIPKID Teacher T-shirts (we know what it’s like to need comfortable fun clothes to teach your VIPKID classes in).  Don’t hessitate to contact us if there is anything we can do for you!

About Us

Sweets & Things is a family business.  We design the products and then work with production companies to get them into your hands.

Because we are a family business, we are also engaged in trying to make a difference.  We are involved in our church, we do foster care (actually, all of this started to help us raise some money to buy a bigger vehicle to accommodate our newest foster son), and we engage in trying to be involved in our world. 

Jenni, teaches for VIPKID – teaching English to Chinese children – she loves it and that love is reflected in our VIPKID Teacher t-shirt line.

Kent is a pastor and loves to share the love of Jesus and does all the design and web work for Sweets & things.